Constipation and letting go remedy: Bottlebrush flower essence Joanna SochanHerbal medicine2 Comments

Red bottlebrush trees in spring

see url Australian bush flowers are so remarkable in their beauty, colours and shapes! One of my favourites is Bottlebrush (Callistemon linearis), a common native tree that can grow up to 3 meters. The beautiful, brilliant red or dark pink flowers appear during spring and last for 2-3 weeks making the parks … Read More

How to drink enough water daily and improve your health: Electrolytes

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How to drink more water Being well hydrated is also about the foods you eat. Eating fresh, whole, raw, organic fruits and vegetables will help to keep your body hydrated. A high water content fruit or vegetable will provide your body with water in a pure and easily absorbed form. Foods high in water and … Read More

Top 7 natural antibiotics for flu, colds and coughs wie kann ich mich bei bdswis anmelden kostenlos Joanna SochanConditions & treatments, Herbal medicine2 Comments

Natural antibiotics for flu, cold and coughs - Garlic, echinacea, oregano oil, propolis, onion, eukalyptus oil Overuse of antibiotics is a real issue these days resulting in, among others, gut damage impairing digestion and absorption as well as, paradoxically, also causing damage to our immune system located in the gut (about 90% of the immune system is found in the gut).  Fortunately, there are a number … Read More

Holy basil: a key herb for stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue Joanna SochanAdrenal fatigue/ stress, Herbal medicine68 Comments Ever since I’ve been helping clients to recover from adrenal fatigue (or adrenal depletion/ exhaustion/ burnout), I keep researching a number of natural medicines such as herbs, nutritional supplements and nutrition-dense foods to find out which ones work best for them. As a herbalist trained in a western tradition, I mostly … Read More