Fermented foods: Beetroot kvass and vegetable mix recipes

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Beetroot kvass and fermented vegetables recipes

forex öppettider kista Fermented foods provide large amounts of various probiotics in the best possible form that is easy for the body to utilise and absorb. These probiotics can travel all way down to the colon where most fermentation by the good bacteria takes place. Fermentation predigests the food, making it easier for … Read More

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GAPS desserts – simple and easy recipes with tips

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GAPS diet dessert recipes

Tastylia Supplier As a dedicated GAPS practitioner I’m constantly searching for and experimenting with easy to make but nutritious GAPS recipes to suggest to my clients, usually busy mums. I find that making GAPS desserts could often be the trickiest part of meal preparation for many of them but it needn’t be this way … Read More

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GAPS diet: what is it and when to apply it

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Parasite infections treatment

viagra för hjärtat Various digestive disorders are becoming very common in all age groups these days. This area has been of particular clinical interest in my natural medicine practice for many years and I found the GAPS diet a very effective method to deal with all digestive disorders, among other conditions also covered by … Read More

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Healing bone broth recipes

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Bone broth recipes and benefits

simulatore trading online gratis Bone broths have been staple foods in the traditional diets of most cultures all over the world for centuries. They are both – a valuable food and great medicine as well. Broths are nutrient-dense, easy to digest and have many healing properties by supplying the body with raw materials to … Read More