Eat this – Chia seeds

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Chia seeds benefits

Chia seed’s (Salvia hispanica) popularity is growing as the many health benefits of chia seeds become more known. Doing research for this article helped me to expand my understanding of how good chia seeds really are for us, and subsequently I now ‘prescribe’ chia seeds to most of my clients! … Read More

Eat this – Strawberries

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Sweet, juicy, delicious and shiny bright red – strawberries are one of the most mouth-watering and loved fruits of all time. Not surprisingly we are now discovering why they are so good for us as the many benefits of eating strawberries on a regular basis are being researched extensively. The … Read More

Top 5 mouth-watering 5-minute breakfasts

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Good breakfast

As a nutritionist, I get asked by my clients all the time: “What are really nutritious breakfasts that taste and look great and take 5 minutes to prepare”. Here are my top suggestions! My ‘perfect’ breakfast This is what a great and easy breakfast looks like to me! Photo credit: … Read More