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Spaghetti squash recipe

opzioni digitali strategie semplici Have you ever tried making meals with spaghetti squash? I just did and was very pleased with the result:) Spaghetti squash is called a vegetable alternative to pasta because after cooking or baking it looks like thin, golden pasta. It’s really filling and using just one squash goes a long … Read More

How to drink enough water daily and improve your health: Electrolytes

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How to drink more water Being well hydrated is also about the foods you eat. Eating fresh, whole, raw, organic fruits and vegetables will help to keep your body hydrated. A high water content fruit or vegetable will provide your body with water in a pure and easily absorbed form. Foods high in water and … Read More

Fermented foods: Beetroot kvass and vegetable mix recipes

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Beetroot kvass and fermented vegetables recipes Fermented foods provide large amounts of various probiotics in the best possible form that is easy for the body to utilise and absorb. These probiotics can travel all way down to the colon where most fermentation by the good bacteria takes place. Fermentation predigests the food, making it easier for … Read More

Top 5 mouth-watering 5-minute breakfasts

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Good breakfast

As a nutritionist, I get asked by my clients all the time: “What are really nutritious breakfasts that taste and look great and take 5 minutes to prepare”. Here are my top suggestions! My ‘perfect’ breakfast This is what a great and easy breakfast looks like to me! Photo credit: … Read More