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GAPS diet dessert recipes

get redirected here As a dedicated GAPS practitioner I’m constantly searching for and experimenting with easy to make but nutritious GAPS recipes to suggest to my clients, usually busy mums. I find that making GAPS desserts could often be the trickiest part of meal preparation for many of them but it needn’t be this way … Read More

Golden milk recipes: antiinflammatory and cleansing turmeric drink binäre optionen wie versteuern Joanna SochanNutrition, Recipes, Recipes - gluten free2 Comments

Golden milk recipes Turmeric milk is a traditional Indian beverage that is commonly referred to as “Golden Milk” because of its many healing properties. It’s very soothing, anti-inflammatory, decreases muscle and joint pain and will help your body to gently detox. It is well known that turmeric taken on its own is poorly … Read More

Sage and rosemary honey – benefits plus recipe

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Sage and rosemary honey recipe Sage, rosemary and honey are a potent healing combination as they are antimicrobial, natural disinfectants, have antioxidant properties and reinvigorate both the body and mind. Raw honey, that has not been pasteurised (heated) or filtered, contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes and it has been a powerful … Read More

Top 5 delicious and nutritious salad recipes

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Top 5 saladsrecipes-naturimedica

Salad is such a versatile food that can serve as either a side or main dish depending on the ingredients. You can make delicious and nutritious salads any way you like from simple vegetable one to the main meal varieties by adding cheese, meat, grains or nuts. Having a healthy, … Read More