his comment is here I tell everyone how great you are when doctors were not willing or able to help. You have changed my life, I don't know where I would be if not for your guidance.

synonym till valutahandel Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Julie, Self-employed

differenza opzioni e opzioni binarie I saw Joanna for the first time in January 2014 with my 8 year old daughter. My daughter was suffering from daily stomach pains for over 9 months which was making her miserable and very emotional. She was unable to concentrate on a task for very long. We had been to see the doctor several times with a few hospital visits. After waiting 3 months to see a paediatrician we were told that she had constipation. We did an intense cleanse with laxatives. After 2 months on laxatives she was still getting the daily stomach pains and the paediatrician told me to keep her on the laxatives and that it was ok to stay on them long term. This did not sit well with me especially since we did not see any improvement. By the time we saw Joanna my daughter was desperate for me to help her with the daily pain and my husband and I felt desperate not being able to help her. Joanna was extremely kind and patient with our first visit, we felt heard and she did not rush us. She was able to explain some of the issues with the gut that my daughter was experiencing after analysing her diet and the blood tests. 6 weeks into the treatment with Joanna the first thing we noticed was that our daughter was less emotional and was able to concentrate much better and for longer periods. After 4 months our daughter is a lot happier and her stomach pains and gut symptoms decreased to a few pains every now and then. The treatment has helped our whole family change our diet for the better.

trading strategien für binäre optionen We are sincerely grateful for all the support and encouragement Joanna gave us. Thank you.

Denise, mother of Sophie, then age 8 "I first came to see Joanna after becoming frustrated with the lack of results with the medical treatment I had been receiving. For six years I have struggled with fatigue, foggy mind, low blood pressure, dizziness and insomnia. No matter how much I rested or slept, I still lacked the energy and was just barely getting through the day. Whilst working with Joanna we discovered that I had a stage 3 adrenal exhaustion and also a gluten intolerance. With a simple change of diet, daily relaxation activities and taking adrenal herbs and supplements, my fatigue diminished within 3-4 months and I began to feel more energetic for the first time in years. Additionally, I noticed my mind worked better and I felt more positive about life. Joanna has truly been a gift in my life. I wish I'd have meet her all those years ago when my health troubles started. Not only is she a first-class practitioner but she is a really warm and nurturing person who treats her patients with true respect and dignity. I highly recommend Joanna to anyone seeking health changes and a truly genuine practitioner-patient relationship."

John, Office Worker "I first saw Joanna when I was pregnant with my first child (2011). She helped me with everything from nausea, to sleeplessness and even cravings and indigestion. She put together a comprehensive plan focusing on nutritious foods, herbal teas, Bach flowers and supplementation. Knowing you're giving your baby and your body the very best during this time is amazingly reassuring. I found the use of Bach flowers particularly effective with helping to manage stress, anxiety and the ever changing rainbow of emotions that comes with being pregnant. Three years later and I am now a full time mum to two little ones and my health needs have changed. Joanna's now working on some long term health issues that were discovered early on; however, due to pregnancy and breastfeeding we weren't able to tackle till now. My liver and adrenals are now getting some much needed love and attention. It's only been two months (May 2014) and already the combination of good food, Bach flowers and supplementation is working its magic. I'm feeling, thinking and seeing their impact in all aspects of my life. From quality sleep and increased energy, to the way I speak to my children and deal with the ongoing demands of being a mum."

Tanya, Mum of 2 "I have had amazing results working with Joanna with regard to tiredness, hormonal imbalances and digestive issues. The first time I saw Joanna, I felt like someone was really listening to what I was saying for the first time - she looked at every detail of both my present lifestyle and diet back to my childhood in order to find the best way of treating me. No one had ever taken this kind of time to look over my medical history, food and supplement intake and lifestyle. No research was too much trouble for her, and as a result after just five weeks of seeing her, I both looked and felt a different person. We worked as a team implementing my nutrition plan, lifestyle modifications and a supplementation program. Since then I have improved tremendously, thanks Joanna! It gives me a sense of comfort just to know that you are there for me."

Mary, Retiree "While suffering with depression, anxiety and panic attacks due to being overworked and family-related stress; I found myself unable to sleep or make any sense of this world. Seeing a psychiatrist for over a year, my mental balance was getting better but far too slow to keep up with life. I was introduced to Joanna through a chiropractor who treated me for shoulder, back and neck pain. At that stage I felt I had no hope; I didn’t know what else to do for at a few hours of quality sleep. Having not much to lose I had a session with Joanna. Talking with her it was like she knew me and encouraged me to keep going. The first thing she wanted me to do was comprehensive blood tests. This reassured me that her approach to care included both natural remedies as well as scientific tools, which I felt I needed to help my body and mind in getting well. It is now just over 3 months and I have come a long way, my nightmares have transformed into sweet dreams and I no longer take sleeping or anxiety pills. This was possible with her guidance regarding my diet, supplements, meditation and her way of putting my health first. Seeing Joanna is currently my best investment."

Martha, Bank Employee