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Circadian rhythms saliva cortisol test

visit site When working with clients who suffer from various stages of adrenal fatigue/ burnout, we start by performing adrenal and other tests to help with adrenal function assessment and determining optimal treatment options. Hence I’m often asked questions about the best testing methods, especially the reasons why I use the saliva … Read More

Simple spaghetti squash recipe

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Spaghetti squash recipe Have you ever tried making meals with spaghetti squash? I just did and was very pleased with the result:) Spaghetti squash is called a vegetable alternative to pasta because after cooking or baking it looks like thin, golden pasta. It’s really filling and using just one squash goes a long … Read More

Constipation and letting go remedy: Bottlebrush flower essence

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Red bottlebrush trees in spring Australian bush flowers are so remarkable in their beauty, colours and shapes! One of my favourites is Bottlebrush (Callistemon linearis), a common native tree that can grow up to 3 meters. The beautiful, brilliant red or dark pink flowers appear during spring and last for 2-3 weeks making the parks … Read More

Vitamin A: What you must know about this vital nutrient

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Vitamin A - food sources and health benefits Vitamin A is an essential nutrient we can’t do without but it’s often overlooked by both health practitioners and patients which may result in a deficiency that is not corrected sometimes for a long period of time. In fact many unexplained and difficult to resolve chronic health problems are associated … Read More

Dietary fibre: the ultimate guide to eating more fibre every day

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Fibre - high fibre vegetables

check my reference EAT MORE FIBRE DAILY – IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Digestive complaints and discomfort are so common nowadays indicating that we are not eating enough gut-friendly foods, are stressed out and sleep-deprived, and generally ‘too busy’ to look after ourselves properly. Majority of my clients know that dietary fibre is … Read More

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Avocado recipes

More Info Avocados certainly are one of the world’s most perfect foods: compact, easy to get and keep, can be included in lunch boxes without spoiling and be cut just before eating.  They are a truly fantastic 21st century food for busy people from all walks of life plus avocado recipes are … Read More

Milk: How safe is your milk?

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Milk glass

Are you tempted to buy the cheap supermarket milk? Think again and be better informed to make healthier choices for you and your children! Things you need to know before you buy milk: Choose full-fat organic milk – commercially available milk that has been pasteurised, homogenised, had fat removed, comes … Read More