Relax with chamomile smoothies

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When you’re stressed out or feel like losing your temper, it’s amazing what a little chamomile can do. Chamomile has long been known as a relaxing, calming herb and it contains substances that affect the same parts of the brain that anti-anxiety drugs do. In fact, Canadian studies tell us … Read More

Green vegetables help train digestive immune system

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In a stunning discovery researchers have shown for the first time how green vegetables are required to activate and maintain specialised lymphocytes (immune cells) that line our digestive tract. These special immune cells not only protect against foreign invasion, they help to maintain harmony in the foreign cells that are … Read More

Effect of urban life on our brains

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More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities. Cities have both health risks and benefits, but mental health is negatively affected – mood and anxiety disorders are more prevalent in city dwellers and the incidence of schizophrenia is strongly increased in people born and raised in cities. … Read More

The healing power of food – the evidence

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One of the numerous studies on the topic was on nutrigenomics– its basic idea is that for the body food is information, not just calories. In this study, researchers from Finland took two groups of people with metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes) and gave each group a different diet. Well, sort of. … Read More