Drinking coffee – pros and cons from a medical perspective

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Coffee drinking - pros and cons

gft binary options review Coffee is in the news regularly and it seems the body of data suggests that it could be beneficial for a number of medical conditions is steadily growing. It’s an amazingly potent collection of biologically active compounds which have far reaching effects on the body. As such it needs to … Read More

Top 2 sleep promoting nutrients: Magnesium and Calcium

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Plate of vegetables - sleep promoting nutrients

Tadalafil Tastylia orally disintegrating strips There are a number of effective sleep promoting nutrients that support and enhance sleep and relaxation. Calming minerals – magnesium and calcium are my top 2 sleep promoting nutrients that are highly effective, relatively safe, and readily available for purchase over the counter from chemists, health food shops or online. … Read More

Weight loss: 3 reasons why you are not losing weight

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Scale and tomatoes

q option trading 1) Adrenal depletion / Chronic stress Stress at work and/or at home, long working hours, poor diet, lack of exercise and sleep cause chronic stress resulting in feeling fatigued and lethargic even when at rest. Cortisol, the stress hormone produced by the adrenals, regulates blood sugar levels and thus contributes … Read More